entry_1_2: found in a land lost in fermentation

Picture this: a tiny stone in a desert of stones.
for ... the last egg; the earth; a container, hot lava.
What is the earth more than a power bank?

Picture now, a house. On a hot day, enter from the back door to turn the AC off, electricity prices are over the roof. Open all the windows to let the heat in and take a shower. Golden house.
Now: Turn that around. Cavity is the space.

“Honey, list this: Proteinriegel, Shrimps, Avocado, Brennesseltee, Cocktailtomaten, Mehl, Persil, Fairtrade Schokolade, Kaffee and Egg(s)!”

Consider a car with keys inside, y’all locked out. A swallowed purpose, excluded from transportation or the seclusion of motion.
Then crack the window open and force your way into the car: drive and arrive at the bog. Conserved strata, pickled earth, mud and growth; a membrane between tectonic suction and atmospheric pressure. A rotting and inflating, anaerobic breath radially stretching an area of a small city beneath our feet.

Slow decay means long conservation.

Go for a walk, pick up whatever while reading this text. Carry it with you until you find something else. Replace that memory.
Observe; “who’s the bag now”.
Transport and collect to survive
Ferment. Guard. Offer. Move to transport, to secure saf/ve future.

To capture, to seize, to provide
Finding, taking and hiding
to carry
to carry on subsuming
to care about consuming to keep
to keep on
Move on.

Form a cup with your hands, hold it under flowing water, form lips to circle. A temporary container, only there when actively formed and kept in position. Activated and deactivated quickly. Suck water out of hand cup.

Why not have a cup that stays, that keeps in place; the water, the food, the useful, the small, the liquid. Make a thing into a thing that keeps other things in place. Hold things, keep them together, in order – organize, separate, manage. Tank energy; eat and burn fat, calories, gas, oil, trees, coal, muscle. Carry; charge. “Recharge battery now” to extend memory, to carry around.

to store
to store on
to store in
to store in store to store away to transact

“Change the price, collect money, like lice.”

to sell
to buy and carry on to carry away
to care away
to throw away
to throw out
to drop out

“But this bag, this bag you can fold, you can carry this bag, y’all can have this bag.”
to order
to pick up
to take away
to take with
things that don’t belong

“Where do y’all settle? Where you can hide things or where do y’all remain hidden?”

to hoard
to fill up
to compensate to compost
to delay

Remaining puzzled while some profit from dizziness. Learn to let GO (again and again)

Learn to rewatch
timeless movies
watchless wrists
and tender minds
adaptable attitudes that carry the weight of the past

rehearsed books
reheard lessons
reversed screenplay

An essentialist stance towards survival limits the emer- gence of care.

to pick
to clean
to select
to sell
to sort
to resell
to sort out
to make space
to fill up
to fit
to buy more

“Violence is in nature.”

to lend
to buy
to tax
to burrow
to empty your pockets
to empty your account
to come clean
to credit
to score
to have a clean slate
to carry around a heavy credit
to cruise ship ‘round
to cruise

The further away the lights, the more they sparkle.

“I want a long-term –
hot spa –
relaxing –
and exciting ...

I want an all-day –
white –
shiny –
and resistant ...

A fun–
a cute –
nomadic –
and loyal ...”

Some expand
to work
to earn
to employ
to sweat
to wake up early
to stay late
to skip meals
to skip reunions
to pass
to pass out when out
to carry out
to deliver
to receive
to grieve
to regret
the part-time activity of carrying

Stick to bog and burn it as peat.
Million + years of age,

Offer money, for another price, carry money to a bank and let it ferment.
Guard money, transport money, digitise money; power bank.
Anaerobic pressure, zero O2 in the vault of securities now in the form of a diversified portfolio, new dimen- sions of combustion, sustainable growth and governance.

to collect now
to enjoy later

“Useful containers for everyday life – live consciously with these four container-types, and you’ll realize what you’ve been missing: Tupperware, reusable water bottles, reusable shopping bags, freezer. The essen- tials for a modern, sustainable life – whether out on the country or urban side – don’t miss out on having them in your home.”

Bad gear
Worse gear
Worst gear.

to keep for later
to meet later
at the mall
to schedule
and arrive late
to wait and store time away
for now

“Hey y’all! Recently I’ve read the book ‘The Tupperware- Philosophy’. It basically argues that because of the boxes’ great durability and its lifelong warranty they can be considered as semi-sustainable (a neologism by the author) and therefore fitting for what we’ll need in our current sustainability crisis. Semi-sustainability is the realistic way to go for a society that doesn’t want to lie to itself. And don’t we all wish for more honesty, honestly? (...)”

to host
to care
to carry and to prolong
to freeze and preserve

“The author comes up with a comparison of Tupper- warian technology and atomic energy. The current energy crisis has showed us the insufficiency of renew- ables. It’s simply too late to pursue the pure green way – though for a while it might remain for the dream- ers, hippies and some woke rich. It is not that the author rejects the attempt to live a non-polluting life and teach the next generation to do that. But she is plead- ing for more honesty, realism and more overarching solutions. Compromise should be the slogan, not change.
While the market is trying to profit from selling objects made out of “sustainable materials” – the expiration dates of the same are avoided. Tupperware instead, guarantee a life-long resisting product (...)”

to un-carry
all which has been brought
all which has been needed
all which has been used

Check your bag and tell me, what is it you really want.

adO/Aptive // 09_2022


entry_1_1: a glimpse of the bottomless pit of canalized psychosis and institutionalized schizophrenia


What to do during a day of forced unproductivity: do something you sometimes used to do before, but now you don’t do anymore, at least you remember some parts of it.

My memory is a patchwork of recurrent dreams taking place at many indefinite localities.
Like this, I experience a kind of trans-individual occupation of my attention that grammaticizes my perception in a new way. While I dream, I can feel the aesthetic and sensual impact these games have on my eyes and fingers. The flat consistency of the screen in no way kills the three-dimensionality of the scenes happening in them.


True story.

From sellable
to cultural
to personal
to individual
to stereotype.

“An ancient thesis states that, in fact, the origin of technics is the dream, and that, as such, technics can never be defined as the causal, crucial factor for anything, since the cause of any invention must be the idea through which it has been dreamed up – one could also say the fantasy.”


Between play
and spatialization of retentions.

Think of containment.

Consider a fidget as the spacialization of containment.

It only contains itself as an object. Its parasitic function resembles smart phone buttons and screen interactions. A libidinal economy of movements that is a re-flection of tactile interactions with nothingness.
It is the grammatization of temporal masses into spatial form. A re-temporalization.
Objects of desire.
Spare money – clicky games
Competition until completion
Hair colour and Skin colour
I need to get married

From social regulation
to heterosexual romanticism
A co-production
of traditional images
and commodity

Celibacy before eternal promises
Soul castings
The promise of eternal youth and beauty is always made, but never kept.

I hope, I won’t fuck it up like that
Pink lipstick
Big blue eyes

I know I’m still a girl, but I already know that I want to get married one day
before I get 35
and I really hope that then I will be skinny
and beautiful
and have good skin
and already have a job
and the most beautiful dress.
I’ll look like a princess
like Nicki Simpson.
Everything will be perfect.

Clicky games
Fast lanes
Spare time
Time flies
Money flies
With Nicki Simpson

The neurosis of keeping everything in order is constantly fed with new dirty material.
As a young girl, this game teaches me that as long as I play Candy Crush, I will be beautiful.
The matrix of the woman today is a breeding place for those split between old norms and new world. What the latter makes of the former is a promiscuous confusion of origin, genesis and intended impact. Old traditions continue to constitute our socio-cultural reality, that swallows and digests.

Social relationships are corrupted with monetary value systems, just like marriage was conducted before to secure patriarchy.
The digital fidgeting sphere is not an autonomous machine or self-regulatory, it has thinking flesh and blood employees, one in its cellar, feeding crucial resources to it by selling her time.
Others on the upper floors, steering the machine towards consumers who will be convinced to play along.
In the middle of this corpse, there are those whose work consists of convincing everyone, that the play is for free.

From collecting cards to collecting coins,
cash is just as valuable as any other collectable, and as long as I keep putting things in order and in lines, I will be successful.

The reward comes after the organization.

To all the serious or serial candy crushers out there: How do you manage to crush the night through, actually? I love the game, but as soon as I can’t manage a level for the 50eth time, I get either tired or furious.
Any tips?

Dear friends, please help me to style me up and tell me how beautiful I am just the way I am. Tell me that when I was born, I woke up like this and protect me from evil and from fuck boys and from unhealthy beauty standards. Tell me that I am beautiful and that having bad skin will pass.
I swear to Nicki Simpson that I will replace my ugly glasses with lenses soon.

I really want long hair. I swear I will risk my life for it. Happiness is measured in meters, Nicki Simpson said.

Seems like a good business plan, and I, the young boy, will afford all the attire and all the affordances that will communicate my beauty to anyone out there, because they deserve it as much as I deserve it to be seen.

Two near-death experiences, four love stories, and you are done.
I swear I am a born blond girl and I will be blonde until I am 35, probably...

Classic... Is it the end of fun now?

Age seems so far away from me. The image of being a girl is not connected to an age, or is it?
It is ageless, it is eternal youth, its a small waist, a cute nose and soft skin. The meta virtuality of appearance is always projected into the image of the female body.

I wish I was middle: middle colour: middle class: middle hair: just normal but beautiful
With a clean, pink toilet.
I want someone to clean up my room for me like this.

With a blonde white angel like...

– Nicki Simpson!

As much as I would like to blow myself up, I still find comfort in small, humble flames of hope that warm me up from inside, because deep inside I know that I’m special.
The meta-capitalization of insecurity is focused and clustered in the beauty image of the young generation.
Seems like a dream that always comes back, as if there was never a cost to the improvements I make for myself.

As if I could just run away from everything for the rest of my life and always get new things out of it on the way. Ever-changing new hair colours and recurring dreams.
No matter how much I fail and no matter how much I risk.
This is my life now.

Hey candy crushers! I love Candy Crush, but I think it went too far
I cannot sleep anymore without crushing before.

I have got troubles getting up from bed
I have all these jellies in my head

Do you know about some hack?
How to get rid of all the ads?
They don’t work for me anymore.

Any suggestions?

Just when you think it is enough, there is more.
A co-production of perversions dressed up as a pedagogic tool to teach you how to have everything under control,
how to clean up your house from the inside out.

adO/Aptive // 09_2021


entry_0_6_2: grand trigonometries vs radical radiations

shoggoth_13 // 08_2021


entry_0_6: grand hierarchies vs radial information

adO/Aptive // 01_2021

gi:ANT – behind the ant-hill

entry_0_5: speculative archaeology

ANT hills_spectrum:

Over the mountains, over the horizon, thousands of ANT hills
composed by the accumulation of autonomous bodies around a common attractor.

Each hill has a distinct color palette, under each of them a queen.
The great disappointment under each of the findings, a mirror of ones own desperation.

A blood puddle fed by open fingertips.

During the 'Big Melt', a huge defrosted body was found ashore in an astonishingly well condition, from approximately 150 years ago. Since its unfreezing was initiated, scientists have been puzzled. After democratically negotiating about the future enterprises with this newly discovered object, they decided to put up observation decks and wait.  

Scientists interpreted it as the incarnation of a self-referential social construct, containing more objects to be conceived as entities on a smaller scale. The giant findings look eternally inert, like an interface with access points not updated for a long time.

Due to the increased occupation of the research site by an ancient species of earth, the ant-kind, the scientists assembly decided to refer to the place as gi:ANT. Ants are 400 times older than Homo sapiens. The human’s misleading cognitive facilities of self-individuation back then caused what became known as the ‘Big Melt’ and they made themselves disappear vastly from the sphere of the visible.  

The ants, with their sophisticated social organization and the synchronization of every individuals desire directed towards an anticipated goal managed to systematically tap into gi:ANT territory, working through it, forming tunnels as well as access points and thereby slowly turning it into soil.

The access points are the sentences that help to understand.
These access points are accomplished by the ants that
collectively tear up the gi:ANT on specific points.

A collective entity enters the excavation site in columns, penetrates and pierces it with needles and rods, to create entries, to make use of its inside.

After thorough debate, examination and analysis, following conclusion came to be:
gi:ANT can neither be defined as an artefact nor as a natural object, as its roots keep being unclear. Observers came to agree that when alive, the gi:ANT was certainly an unaccessible and completely closed entity. But today it can be observed to be an arrangement of multiple and diverse materialities.

As common understanding has now long moved away from universalist and categorical thinking because it proofed to be substantially insufficient, the research group easily understood the plurality forming the view they discovered. They faced an only seemingly unified entity. 


Arch(a)eology is the study of past conscious activity through the recovery and analysis of materials. Archaeologists study human prehistory and history, from the development of the first stone tools 3.3 million years ago up until recent decades. Archaeology is particularly important for learning about prehistoric societies, for whom there may be no written records to study. Prehistory includes over 99% of the human past, from the Paleolithic until the advent of literacy in societies across the world. 
Archaeology has various goals, which range from understanding culture history to reconstructing past lifeways to documenting and explaining changes in human societies through time.

A few remaining neck_deep_human archaeologists set off to explore the excavation site of the gi:ANT. By that time individual liberalism and the cultivation of the self had long become historical because they had turned into a repressive form of exclusion and they completely disrupted systems of social organization. Some liked to conclude: Identity as it was widely known relies thoroughly on the existence of an o/Other.

Majorities are often used to control other people.
A shared identity is often materialised for the wrong (biased) reason.

“I should take this stone to my mami.
My mami is an archeologist.
That means she digs for ancient treasure!
She’ll know what to do with an ancient treasure.”

The human archaeologists came across this un_cold corpse of the gi:ANT that challenged their structural ideologies which they have been dragging unconsciously into identity-enhancing narratives about their culture into the present.

Archaeology has been used by nation-states to create particular visions of the past.

Sadly, patriarchal structures from the past persisted to rule over the majority of modes of collective organization; and rusty notions of temporal continuity and chronology still dominate the common discourse about history and future.

That they never found their way out of their own ever repetitive, self-referential, limp and individualistic narratives, made the specters furious.  How we evaluate the past is essentially biased by the specific moral, cultural and societal criteria directing how we live today and how society is organized in the present. We can listen to and tell stories about the past, but about the future we can only speculate. We can put something together out of past experiences. This is why we have to decide which specters of the past we will drag with us into the future and which ones we better perforate, bury or leave behind.

Inclusive Xenofuturities can be spawned by welcoming the positively creative ghosts and condemning the negative and disruptive specters. Neolithic spirits aren’t less legitimate because they are older. Archaeological sites and findings can unravel material specters of the past and enable their anachronological reinvocation to reanimate narratives. The acknowledgments of multiple modes of belonging as well as stories of emergence allow us to get a broader vision on what existence can mean.

Closed histories are the ones that bury the bodies of the dead nearby.
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Beyond any lithosphere lies the real body.

Some compressed, exhausted individuals can be found at the gi:ANT access points.
Due to their scarce number, the corridors leading inwards rarely amalgamated and connected. Those individuals who found access before the ‘Big Melt’ seem to have fallen into a lonely, delirious sleep inside; due to a ceaseless struggle with erroneous articulation and expression. They were left behind with mere ideas and flat concepts circulating in their minds... 

“engagement”... “interest” … “curiosity”... “collectivity” … “community” … “accessibility”… “network” … “dissemination” … “critique” “theory” “practice” “education” “enhancement” “equality” “identity” “liberty” “narcissism” “joy” “revolution” “subversiveness” “decentralization” “multiple perspectives” “effectiveness” “ambiguity” “action”

Self reference does not help to bring a conversation further.
A node of communication only works through the individual trust between referents.
To understand what the other is saying one may have to look beyond what is shown.

Constant reevaluation of present relations and events is therefore indispensable, so to repeatedly question the ideas underlying the actions we take or contribute to, be it actively or passively.  

Dis_rapture is the intentional, hypothetical deconstruction of long manifested ideologies.
As a method it develops ideas that can be had about the future and the past. 

The head of the Tollund man, the hand of Obregon,
relics that become accessories for analytical history.

All specters shall be dis_raptured and freed from their holy, moralized glow. They should be taken by the hand and welcomed as one of us, as of now, and become ritually de_mythified.

The strategy of identity construction shall be reappropriated as a disruptive tool. 

The rigid borders set around cultural memory define and encode progressive agendas. Vague promises of endless ongoing progress and rapture shall be uncovered.

The possibility to duplicate knowledge should be considered and respected.

All the incessant knowledge labour just opaqued the immanence of the living specter animating the gi:ANT. Years of research on the gi:ANT presumed it dead. Although since its defrosting, it was more alive than ever before. Looking back, one can say that the ants overtaking it were also the ones inhabiting and animating it. They found, received and then venerated their new red queen.

Queen isn't the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind.

adO/Aptive // 11_2020

How much of a Zip can you untie

entry_0_4: speculative & paradigmatic

By 2021, the Zippers of the world resembled something that Sadie Plant would describe as
“a decentralized associative engine with the ability of catastrophic forgetting”

By the end of the 20th century a Zipper was an exemplary constant in space, bits fitting spaces between other bits, assembled as a mirrored sequence with a slight shift commemorated intelligent design, information technology, physics, biochemistry, philosophy, mathematics, all seemed to have Zipped backbones: bits, qubits, DNA strands, diskursive dialectics, algebra and arithmetics.

The Little plastic bits, assembled in line in order to create assemblages were not only a perfect analogy to heteronormativistic and monogamistic regulations, whole civilizations were built upon that model, every bit there where it works and every bit ready to support another bit, also: no bit has ever asked the zipper head, who the Zipper of the zipper is.

By the end of the 20th century, when all Zippers where liberated from their carbon footprint, from the plastic bits of the bits; all Zippers (including the plastic bitsy ones) spontaneous and simultaneously started working according their own desire. All Zippers are since then decoupled from design, we have all come to call it: the Zipper Revolt. We all know against what they rebelled.

Convinced they needed some exciting expertise to form and inform their development, the specialists didn’t even notice the extent to which the Net Was itself emerging as a Global neural network, a vast distributed “perceptron” gathering its own materials, continually drawing new nodes and links into learnings systems which has never needed anyone to tell it how it should proceed. […]
Neural nets have less to do with the rotors orthodox logic than the intuitive leaps and cross-connections once apathologized as the hysteria of a thinking marked by associations between ideas which are dangerously “cut off from associative connections with the other ideas, but also associated among themselves”.

* Sadie Plant: Zeroes and Ones, p. 175.

** Sadie Plant: Zeroes and Ones, p. 173.

_Annex_Testimonies(of the revolution of the Zippers)

“It’s the 3rd day in a row that I’ve been told by management 
to rearrange our clothing and apparel section. And today, as in the days before, there did not seem to be a latent problem ... besides the Zipper part.“

– Testimony K –

“What do you mean you can’t give me a refund?!?“

– Testimony D –

“Yeah, I come here often, it’s a place where I can get everything I need. If I come here I don’t need to go to all the other shops where I would normally buy everything I buy here; and what’s best is that it’s all ecological and organic! I’m actively fighting my carbon footprint!.“

– Testimony A –

“When I bought this Zipper it was RED, now tell me! Does this Zipper look RED to you?“

– Testimony D –

“Look, the only thing I’m going to tell you is that I have never experienced something like this before in my life.“

– Testimony F –

“Ever since I work here we did not have any major complaints, sure there was some conduit related stuff, but we have never had such a flood of complaints! We are all perplexed and intrigued about what happened in that Zipper section.“

– Testimony G –

“I work here because I need the money, I really don’t have any connection to the company or the products, please fill in a letter of complaint;
No, I cannot call the manager, she is indisposed.“

– Testimony K –

“Oh god, it was the worst period of my life, if you could imagine how much it cost!!.“

– Testimony L –

“It says it here, in the product description!! : ‘Highly strung, volatile, easily excited and oversensitive.’ 
what did you expect!? Please let me attend other customers complains!.“

– Testimony F –

adO/Aptive.ext // 12_2020

Art is a community

entry_0_3: community & conversation

Podcast for Contemporary Matters with Pamela Heilig and Denise Palmieri // 10_2020 : PODCAST


entry_0_2: value & circulation

Zsolt Miklósvölgyi & // 06_2020 // presented at ISBN_BOOKS


entry_0_1: judging & learning

LEARN: Aesclepius never met his Mother; consider his staff as a Pharmako_llus_Logical answer to his grief.

TO: There is a specialized syntax calibrated for specific symptoms; Oedipus_redux: Proliferation of own high_gene via intrusion into other genomes

(see: Poisoning)

JUDGE: Healing through Eradication and Ex_territorialization

JUDGE: Hermes circulates between two Worlds; consider them as pharma_logically-co_dependent.

TO: sym_pathetic syn_thetization of external stimuli; Oedipus_remix: Use Self_incest to proto_mutate the future.

(see: Parthenogenesis)

LEARN: Subversion through Submersion under the resemblant’s s_Kin // 06_2020