Art is a community

entry_0_3: community & conversation

Podcast for Contemporary Matters with Pamela Heilig and Denise Palmieri // 10_2020 : PODCAST


entry_0_2: value & circulation

Zsolt Miklósvölgyi & // 06_2020 // presented at ISBN_BOOKS


entry_0_1: judging & learning

LEARN: Aesclepius never met his Mother; consider his staff as a Pharmako_llus_Logical answer to his grief.

TO: There is a specialized syntax calibrated for specific symptoms; Oedipus_redux: Proliferation of own high_gene via intrusion into other genomes

(see: Poisoning)

JUDGE: Healing through Eradication and Ex_territorialization

JUDGE: Hermes circulates between two Worlds; consider them as pharma_logically-co_dependent.

TO: sym_pathetic syn_thetization of external stimuli; Oedipus_remix: Use Self_incest to proto_mutate the future.

(see: Parthenogenesis)

LEARN: Subversion through Submersion under the resemblant’s s_Kin // 06_2020