rA/Upture: xenofuturities_ specters_ anachrony

rA/Upture, the leitmotif of the conference is the vocal amalgam of the words rapture and rupture. The symposium took place on the 3th and 4th of October 2020 in Vienna with more than 20 theoreticians, artists, philosophers and cultural workers from Eastern and Central Europe.

rA/Upture_2: ancestral_ futurities; g_hosting; third_actors

It took place in the frame of the OFF-Biennále in Budapest in April 2021.The one-day symposium was connected to the Hungarofuturist project at the OFF-Biennále and hosted contemporary art professionals, theoreticians, and researchers to examine alternative future visions, concepts and phenomena.

LandscA/Ope reading group

AdO/Aptive was invited to host three reading group sessions organised by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, as accompanying program for the exhibition “The Use of Landscape”.

AdO/Aptive reading group

The adO/Aptive reading group creates a space to foster critical thinking, collective acting, communicating and discussing Otherness. We meet to read together, discuss recent interests and sometimes have artists, curators, theorists, philosophers etc. as guests.

burnt_borned publication

B_publication of:
– Horror stories;
– Science Fiction tales;
– Pocket Traktaty;
– Speculative Declamations;
– Poems ex Erotica;
– Cosmic Meltdowns

terrA/Or [fe(a)r(ment)]

(read out as: „Ferment fear in terra or (...)“ )

For this reading group cycle, A/O developed a programmatic formula of which each component motivates the focus of one of the five reading sessions: “Ferment”; “Fear”; “In”; “Terra/Terror” and “Or”. As a whole, the readings should “give life on earth an option beyond terror.”

gi:ANT, behind the ant hill

Spekulative Video Essay

(Contribution for PMF 2020)

‘Gi:ANT, behind the ant hill’ is a fictional documentary about the archaeological excavation of an ancient gigant entity that stems from a time before the Big Melt. The video explores the boundries between the scale_abilities of time and mass.

AdO/Aptive workshops

In September 2021 adO/Aptive organised three days of interactive workshops at nadaLokal in Vienna. These workshops provided a space of collective and practical experimentation as well as playful modes of connection for its participants.