terrA/Or [fe(a)r(ment)]

(read out as: „Ferment fear in terra or (...)“ )

Reading group cycle

For this reading group cycle, A/O developed a programmatic formula of which each component motivates the focus of one of the five reading sessions: “Ferment”; “Fear”; “In”; “Terra/Terror” and “Or”. As a whole, the readings should “give life on earth an option beyond terror.”

Week 1 : ferment : Transforming Myths into Specters

Hungarofuturist Manifesto
Sadie Plant: Zeros + Ones

Week 2   fear Xenotechnology and Violence

Bernard Stiegler: The Neganthropocene
Sayak Valencia: Gore Capitalism
François J. Bonnet: After Death

Week 3 in Dis_raptive Knowledge

Thomas Moynihan: Spinal Catastrophism
Karen Barad: Meeting the Universe Halfway
Heinz von Foerster: Understanding Understanding: Essays on Cybernetics and Cognition

Week 4 terra Grasping Catastrophy

Bruno Latour: Down to Earth
Rosi Braidotti: The Posthuman
Bernard Stiegler in: The Neganthropocene

Week 5 or (...) Open

Heinz von Foerster: Understanding Understanding
Sadie Plant: Zeros + Ones

Note: In the final section we will work on achieving a radical openness to which the selected authors introduce us to: We believe that both, second order cybernetics and Cyberfeminism are powerful tools by which oncoming fears might be fermented into soil.