Conference: rA/Upture: xenofuturities_specters_anachrony

rA/Upture, the leitmotif of the conference is the vocal amalgam of the words rapture and rupture.

The symposium took place on the 3th and 4th of October 2020 in Vienna with more than 20 theoreticians, artists, philosophers and cultural workers from Eastern and Central Europe.


Futurist and speculative exercises let us envision different versions of what humanity thinks of itself.
Through technology humanity has been able to adapt and dominate its environment in order to foster individual identities.
Technological enhancements can be perceived as extension to the organological apparatus through which humans produce knowledge. There are efforts to accommodate human as well as transhuman coexistence.
Constant and broadband connectivities allow a scale of social and cultural synchronisation without precedence.

dis_rapture of xenofuturities

Immanent dystopia is easily adhered to our hypersitionary era.
See: Doomers
Identity (politics) as we know it relies thoroughly on the existence and domination over the o/Other. Technopositivity can easily overcome humanity if it is perceived as the next obstacle.
See: Acceleration


Social contracts based on a general consent towards an idea of the Social have led to the creation of social identities.
The virtual experience is as present as never and is able to enhance the abstraction abilities by masses.
The acknowledgments of multiple modes of belonging as well as stories of emergence allow us to get a broader vision on what it means to be human.
See: Multiperspectivism
Open borders have fostered new identities of belonging and have let people come closer together.

dis_rapture of specters

Patriarchal structures from the past persist to rule over our modes of collective organisation.
Although Cyberculture has shown to prove contrary potential, symbolics and languages of common understanding are still dependent on their local consistency. Cultural differences such as religious and political preferences build tangible borders between the immanent heterogeneity of humanity as a whole.
The masses involved in the collective virtual abstraction machine are reduced to soft and precarious labor.
Cyberspace has transformed virtuality into a form of labour, the abstraction of each individual human existence is soaked into a finite sponge of standardising processors that both optimise and form the cybernetic experience as well as the colonisation of the imaginary to be exploited.


Accelerationist tendencies based on phenomena and situationist movements reflecting on their own time and space have posed alternatives in thinking about hypercapitalist times.
Rusty doctrines of physicality and the consistency of time have been put to test by the growing acknowledgement of quantum mechanics and postmaterial theories.
See: Quantum entanglement
Accelerating the self-destruction of fatalistic tendencies by ironic extrapolations.
See: cute/ACC
The uncovering of trivial systems by (re)contextualisation thus showing the in-puts and not exclusively the outputs.
See: Second-Order-Cybernetics

dis_rapture of anachrony

Rusty notions of temporal continuity and chronology still dominate the common discourse about history and future.
Political dimensions are measured through historical and spatial events. The prevailing class dictates and preserves truth dogmas, narratives and self referential logics in order to support them.
Global monetary institutions as well as debts and financial dependency equal contemporary forms of slavery.


Participants: Diffractions Collective, APART Collective, Jana Horáková, Lucia Udvardyova (Eastern Daze), Martina Růžičková, Contemporary Matters, Michal Kučerák (Alt_Lab), Petrică Mogoș & Laura Naum, Amanda Piña (nadaproductions), Dušan Barok (Monoskop), Klaus Speldel, Michal Klodner, Mohammad Salemy, Louis Armand & David Vichnar (Interior Ministry), Václav Janoščík & Boris Ondreička (Class of Interpretation), Martina Šimkovičová & Kristian Lukić (Robota Center), Zsolt Miklósvölgyi (HUF), Sylvia Eckermann & Gerald Nestler (The Future Of Demonstration). flyer