A/O_WS Vol.1

3 days of interactive workshops Sept. 20-22, 2021 at nadaLokal, Vienna

(*) “Object Archaeology: Material Investigation – Symbolic Speculation”
In this workshop we will engage with the material and cultural history of objects and artefacts that surround us everyday in an interdisciplinary environment. This engagement will both take place on a research level and on an associative, creative level. How do we unite the benefits of artistic strategies with the facts of contemporary reality? How can we beneficially picture and discuss this reality in ways that do not just follow the classical ways of figuring truth?

(*) "Glocal Worlding Sessions"
Throughout the "glocal worlding sessions" we will create spaces of localised agency and concentrated concealment. The core aim of this workshop is to foment and train forms of creative encoding and constructive decoding. In this first iteration of the workshop, we will mainly concentrate on the structural development of the sessions.

Photographic documentation: