CHIMORONA is a processual online RPG video theater that evolves with its collective decentralized performance played by 10 individuals and an audience. This project explores the emergence of social_design strategies, social hierarchies and complex situations by involving the participants in various debates where they have to hold a point of view that they might not hold in their real life. The participants co-design performative conversations which will be revised by themselves at the end of the play. The Play takes place in a fictive support group for people who are together in a quarantine due to the covid-19 pandemic. Each of the characters will try to achieve a mission given to them. 5 of the characters want to pursue collective goals, while the other half want to pursue individual goals; they shall never explicitly reveal this quest to the other participants. In the last Act the participants will drop characters and engage in a personal discussion to collectively evaluate how the fictive community self_organized and which of the missions could be achieved by which costs.