contributions to RECLAIM festival 2020


In adherence to their last collaboration with nadaLokal, the rA/Upture conference, the adO/Aptive collective will organize, together with Klaus Speidel, a two-days collective writing workshop in the frame of RECLAIM festival. In this, the participants will immerse in an auto-poietic system sustained by their own interactions, contributions and collective decisions. Following the methodology of adO/Aptive, Fi/uLL contextualizes and compresses the indexical and conceptual logic of the vocal amalgam: “FiLL” and “FuLL”. This two words are the parameters the workshop will use to collectively explore, create and update own mythofictional narratives ready to be put at test.



We force a space of liminality, a space with the freedom of becoming in which the search for exceptional nationality is deconstructed taking huMANist, colonial-universalist illusions back underwater.
– HUNGAROFUTURIST_manifesto_Refllux, 2017-2019 –

Following its contribution of the first RECLAIM festival, the adoaptive collective has expanded the workshop performance it once organized at the Stadthallenbad. We invite you to join us in reclaiming the common trans-corporeal fluidity by engaging in a Xenoaesthetic transformation ritual that will drown your fear away.