landscA/Ope reading group

Sessions: 02.04 / 16.04 / 30.04

In the frame of the show “The Use of Landscape” at the exhibition space of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna xhibit, adO/Aptive, together with Carla Veltman, will host three sessions of collective readings that can be joined online and visited independently of each other. We will read all the texts together, so you don’t have to read them beforehand.

image(i_nation): In the first session (Fr. 2.4.) we will read and think about how landscapes and nature are compressed into human-made images Then we will talk about and discuss other modes of imagining concepts of seeing and representation.

in(ter)vention: Our second meet-up (Fr. 16.4.) will be focused on human interventions in what is broadly described as “nature”. We will focus on the inventions of strategies that have been developed to deal with the ecological consequences.

in*version: Last but not least (on Fr. 30.4.) we will try to invert already existing anthropocentric, insufficient and exploitative conceptions of nature and landscapes by reading and learning from non-eurocentric epistemologies that create other versions of knowledge about nature.

reading group sessions accompaining the exhibition The Use Of Landscape