terrA/Or [fe(a)r(ment)]

adO/Aptive reading group at Pickle Bar,
Wiener Festwochen 2022

We are very happy to have had the adO/Aptive reading group at Wiener Festwochen 2022 in the frame of the Pickle Bar organised by Slavs and Tartars.
The sessions took place on four consecutive Saturdays at Spitzer (Taborstraße 10, Vienna), in English language and accompanied by delicacies and drinks kindly provided by Pickle Bar.

adO/Aptive in the Wiener Festwochen program.

Dates: May 21 – May 28 – June 4 – June 11, from 16:30 to 20:00h.

In the spirit of fermentation as a potent transformation process, the adO/Aptive Reading Group, active in Vienna, meets for four reading sessions at Pickle Bar and invites you to stimulate not only your taste buds but also your brain cells. Themed terrA/Or [fe(a)r(ment)], the reading list includes critical and speculative texts on belonging, identity and technology by Sayak Valencia, Bernard Stiegler, Thomas Moynihan, Tiqqun, Sadie Plant, and Heinz von Foerster among others. Fermenting fear for a terra without terror!

session1: ferment

session2: fear

session3: in terra

session4: or

Photographic documentation: