If Eye were Anding

A multi-perspective script

Dido, Hunter, Maria and Genesis – the four characters – are places in times as divergent as 80 BC and 30 after X and encounter each other in dialogues. Their flirts, jokes and moans become playable only through the “stage directions” specific to each character’s time.
In If Eye were Anding, the encounters become specula for an all-sensual reflection on perspective, for an evidently always-already-passing suspension of norms, hence investigating the possibility of overcoming. As it were, the complexified encounter-matrix unsettles any thesis of a “clear view”, and aims to demystify the rigidness of narrative linearity.

If Eye were Anding was thought of, developed and written by Barnabás Bácsi, Mel Sasha Berger, Martin Gius, Melanie Haberl, Daniel Hüttler, Saara Hukka and Janina Weißengruber

Speculative Speculum was curated by Livia Klein and Kai Philip Trausenegger and featured works by Isabelle Andriessen, Andreas Werner, Chin Tsao, Tim Enthoven and Kai Philip Trausenegger

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